Comatose 0.6.8

on 07.27.2006, tagged: releases. .

There’s been a few more updates I thought I’d summarize:

version: 0.6.8

  • ComatoseController now references plugin_layout_path correctly
  • HTML/CSS/JS cleanup on the administration view—it now works with or without JavaScript

version: 0.6.7

  • Removed Comatose::Page.record_timestamps = false—it was breaking the magic. Override the record_timestamp methods instead
  • AdminController was still referencing, in a few places, ComatoseController for page cache expiration

version: 0.6.6

  • The cache expiration code is now on the ComatoseAdminController, as it should have been in the first place
  • Changed internal references from root_paths or cms_root to mount_point, since that’s what I’ve started calling them… And it seems to make the most sense
  • Cleaned up the class_options code
  • Added initial support for pre-caching pages (generating static HTML), there’s not a UI element for it yet, however, nor does it really work right
  • Changes to content-type handling:
    • Removed Comatose::Options.force_utf8
    • Added support for Comatose::Options.content_type = "utf-8" This will affect the HTTP headers, as well as the META tag in the admin views
  • Changed this log file to yaml format. And yes, there’s a method to my madness… Wait for it.
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