Another Day, Another Update: 0.7.1

on 09.21.2006, tagged: releases. .

As most of you will know, Comatose has been having a few problems co-existing with some kinds of plugins lately. The problems seem to be caused, at least in part, because the comatose controllers extend ApplicationController and therefore require the application.rb before the rest of the plugins load.

Plus, some plugins seem to take issue with any previous plugins defining an Active Record model before they’re loaded—very picky stuff.

To combat this, I’ve added a DEFER_COMATOSE_LOAD flag (it’s an ENVironment variable).

When the plugin initializes it will check the flag, if it’s set to true it won’t load the controllers or the models. You’ll tell Comatose to load at the bottom of your environment.rb file, which will load the controllers and models after the rest of your app.

By default, the flag is set to false for backward compatibility.

Test It Out!

So if you’ve been having problems using Comatose with other plugins, or applications, please give this version a shot.

After you’ve re-installed the plugin, just open your config/enviroment.rb and at the top, next to where the RAILS_ENV is set, add this:


Then, at the bottom of your enviroment.rb add:


That’s it! Now Comatose will be loaded after the rest of your application which should make it work with most plugins and applications.

Update: Sean recommended this much improved method of enabling “compatibility mode”. Thanks!

DevBlog Update

Oh, I’ve tweaked the devblog feed, so this should be the last time you get all those duplicates in NetNewsWire—Hopefully. It’s funny, I don’t have that problem in NewsFire.

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