Comatose 0.7 Released!

on 09.20.2006, tagged: releases. .

Comatose version 0.7 is ready to go! This release features:

  • Page versioning
  • Automatic loading of comatose extension scripts from RAILSROOT/lib/comatose/
  • And, of course, bug-fixes (previewing no longer modifies the page record -- that was a big bug that slipped through the cracks)

Page Versions

Only content fields are versioned, namely: title, body, slug, and keywords. Which is to say that they're the only ones, if changed, that will trigger the creation of a new version.

The versions view shows the current version on the left side, and the selected older version on the right. You can change which older version is shown, and mark the older one as the current version.

There's also a new database table to support all this so... You guessed it: A new migration. But it's still as easy as ever. If you're upgrading from version 0.6.9, you can run:

$ ./script/plugin remove comatose
$ ./script/plugin install comatose
$ ./script/generate comatose_migration --upgrade --from=0.6
$ rake migrate

That's it. If you're upgrading from an even older version, no big deal - just make sure and specify the version in the from parameter ( --from=#.#).

Versioning is supported using Rick Olsen's excellent acts_as_versioned library (included with Comatose).

Comatose Extension Scripts Folder

Comatose will now automatically load all *.rb files in the RAILS_ROOT/lib/comatose folder (if it exists). If you put your comatose-specific customizations, tags, and filters in that folder, then you won't need to muck around in your environment.rb file anymore.

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