The Basics

Comatose supports a hierarchal arrangement of pages. A page tree, in other words. Every page has the following attributes:

  • title
  • slug
  • full_path
  • keywords
  • body
  • author
  • updated_on

Provided by acts_as_tree:

  • parent
  • children

The slug is generally a URI accessible name based on the title. For example, if your page is titled "My Favorite Food" the slug will be my-favorite-food.

The full_path is the page's full path from the root node.

The page tree's root node is the 'Home Page', by default, and always has an empty full_path.


From your root application folder, run:

$ ./script/plugin source
$ ./script/plugin install comatose
$ ./script/generate comatose_migration
$ rake migrate

Then add the following, as a starting point, to your config/routes.rb file:

map.comatose_root ''

That's it! The plugin is installed and ready for integration.

Upgrading From Earlier Versions

If you are upgrading from an older version of Comatose (from version 0.3 to 0.4 or 0.5), then you will need to re-install the comatose plugin by running:

$ ./script/plugin remove comatose
$ ./script/plugin install comatose

Then, you'll need to generate a migration for the updated fields:

$ ./script/generate comatose_migration --upgrade --from=0.5
$ rake migrate

Where the '0.5' in the from parameter is the version you are upgrading from.

That's it for updating the plugin! You now have the latest code and updated schema. If you've made customizations to the administration views, you'll need to upgrade them as well. See the customization documentation for more on that.

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